Which wetsuit?



We've tried to make things simple. We've chosen the best general- use wetsuits we could find, and offer them in two basic shapes- 'full' and 'shorty'. Which style you choose depends on how much time you intend to spend in the water, and how cold you expect the water to be. Our children wear shorties for their swimming lessons (as do their teachers), to keep them toasty in underheated swimming pools, and to add a little buoyancy. Shorties are fine for splashing around in the shallows, and for extra warmth in the Mediterranean. They are also great for kids because they are extremely easy to get in and out of.

Full suits are noticeably warmer because the long sleeves and legs reduce the flow of incoming water and warm it before it reaches the torso. If you intend to swim or spend hours in the water, then for most British summer days a shorty is just not quite warm enough. This also applies to all the popular tourist destinations on the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal. Of course we would say this, but the best solution is to have one of each!

All of our suits are designed for typical summer holiday conditions in Britain. If you are intending to swim in winter or spring in Britain, you'll need a 'Winter' suit, which we can supply by special order. Please e-mail us.

Junior and Adult suits are unisex. The Ladies suit is proportionately smaller in the waist and fuller in the hip than the Adult suits. Further fitting details are available on our shop pages. If you are in any doubt please don't hesitate to e-mail us for advice.

Why buy on the web?
Most families buy their wetsuits from surf shops near their holiday resort. Surf shops are great places for surfers. They are usually run by surfers with expertise in boards, local wave breaks, surfing lifestyle and fashion. Unfortunately, in our experience, surf shops are often crammed with all sorts of specialist gear and have appalling fitting rooms with bad lighting, no mirrors, and nowhere to sit or hang clothes.

When you consider that a family beach holiday typically costs £200 a day, if you spend half a day in a surf shop, that's £100 you've spent just for the privilege of queuing for the cramped fitting rooms. You could say that buying on the web gives you half a day of your holiday back.

It's got to be a good idea to get your wetsuits before you go on holiday. That's why we've created this site.

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