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A note from the Hui family.
We created First-Wetsuit.co.uk because we found that wetsuits helped us get the best out of a British seaside holiday. We realised that to us, the biggest difference between a good British beach and a tropical one was just how warm we felt. As scientists we were aware of the risks of hypothermia even on a typical British summer's day, and as parents we were concerned to keep our children safe and happy at the beach.

Like many people we've been through the 'surf shop experience' in Cornwall as we've bought or hired wetsuits and acquired body boards, buckets and spades and all the other bits and pieces you need. We've found that this wastes a precious morning of our holiday and that, used to our high street chain stores and some degree of customer service, we feel uncomfortable in a hot sweaty scrum, queuing for inadequate changing rooms amongst piles of unsorted wetsuits. We've talked to our friends and fellow tourists and realised that many people have actually been put off from buying wetsuits by this experience, and also by the perception that this is a family-unfriendly environment intended only for surfers or divers.

We decided next time we would buy wetsuits before we went on holiday, but discovered that good stockists are rare outside beach resorts (naturally!) and cater mainly for adult male sports enthusiasts. Web retailers tended to be sidelines of surf shops and based around surfing image and lifestyle. We needed a website designed for people like us - families that would rather like to keep warm on holiday without wasting half a day of it finding wetsuits.

So here it is. Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are real people and we answer all our incoming mail. We are adding 'Cool Beach Things' that improve the safety, comfort, enjoyment or educational opportunities of beach holidays. If you have any suggestions for other products you would like us to stock, please let us know. If you'd like to be informed of new products, please e-mail us. If you know of friends who are going on beach holidays, we'd be grateful if you could tell them about us.

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Happy Holidays!

Dr Edmond Hui
Proprietor, First-Wetsuit.co.uk

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